The Grand: A unique multifunctional complex, a fulfilled promise day by day.



Inaugurated in late 2000, The Grand is the most important multifunctional complex in Romania, the place where premium services merge with exclusivity in order to provide an outstanding experience for all the guests who pass the threshold of the building.

"Everything under one roof" is more than a promise; it is the foundation of a unique experience, The Grand brand guarantee. Thus, in the impressive and fascinating building on 90 Calea 13 Septembrie, all services, brands and products create the perfect setting to enjoy the most exquisite experiences.

Whether it's a shopping session among the luxury brands on The Grand Avenue, right after enjoying your favorite coffee in Pavilion Lounge or Vienna Cafe, or if it's about the impeccable hotel services guaranteed by the JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel standards, the versatile spaces of The Grand Offices, moments of relaxation or intense work from World Class, the excitement we find at Grand Casino or the delicious moments to enjoy in the Cucina Restaurant, JW Steakhouse or in the animated Champions Pub, the time spent in The Grand complex is greatly appreciated by anyone who visits us. Because our guests always appreciate the exclusivity and refinement of a Grand Experience.

Vision - Mission - Values

The ideal world is the one where compromise is not present in people's lives as a substitute for quality. We aim for our actions and manifestations to become sources of joy and inspiration for all those who interact with us, without compromise, always having the benchmark at the highest standards.

Being aware of the impact of product and service quality on creating the experience of our customers, collaborators and partners, we are dedicated every day to deliver excellence through all our actions and manifestations.

We firmly believe that the responsible and respectful essence of all the actions undertaken, carried out in complete safety and efficiency, in constant contact with social and environmental changes, ensures the best conditions for a sustainable manifestation and development. In this direction, we have implemented a modern system of photovoltaic panels on the roof of The Grand building, to ensure part of our electricity consumption from our own renewable sources. Furthermore, we are constantly collaborating with one of the most active humanitarian organizations in Romania - Concordia - in order to support children and young people from vulnerable backgrounds.